Mrs. Warren’s Profession


I arrived at the Theatre 15 minutes before the show, doors were opened and people were starting to go in.  As I went in I looked at the signs for the different areas of the Theatre and made my way to the Royal Circle where a steward checked my ticket and directed me to my seat. I was pleased to find out that I didn’t have a restricted view, which isn’t a common situation if you have a complementary ticket from the Theatre crew. While I was sitting there waiting for the show to start I had a look around and discovered that most of the audience was mostly over 40 years old, making me one of the youngest watching the show.

An announcement was made for people to go back to their seats. Lights went off, and the show started. It was a very quiet play; the performers didn’t have microphones, which made hard to hear what they were saying at different points throughout the show. Occasionally you would hear birds singing when they were “outside”. I did notice that the man sitting next to me had some sort of headphones, which I guessed were to help him hear louder. Throughout the play there were some laughs and people looked like they were enjoying themselves. During the interval, most of the audience went to buy a snack or a drink. I personally stayed on my seat as things are overpriced, even a small ice cream.

As the second half started I thought to myself that maybe this play would be better in a smaller venue. They didn’t require much lighting, as it was mainly white lights on the stage, and in a smaller place people would be able to hear it properly. I was close to the Stalls and was finding difficult to catch some of the things they were saying, especially when more that one talked at the same time, so I can’t imagine what it was like for the audience in the Dress Circle and Grand Circle. Although this type of Theatre isn’t my cup of tea, I thought the performances were really good as well as the plot, which made me understand why it was banned in 1894.


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