Bath Blues Brothers


Bath Blues Brothers-"Ted's big day out"

I have never seen the Bath Blues Brothers before, but people I know told me they were good and very entertaining, so I decided to go to one of their gigs to see for myself. This time they were playing at Guilghall, Bath and it was in aid of  “Ted’s Big Day Out”. I go there about 7:30pm, which was the time on the ticket. On my way in nobody asked me for my ticket or if I had one, which I found really odd as it was a paid event.

The Guildhall was arranged with tables and a stage with not so much lighting, but it looked fairly good. They started to play at 8pm and for my surprise they were really good. They are a band that plays mainly at weddings so they not only sing and play various instruments, but they also entertain the people who are there. The stage looked cramped as 12 people, the main voices being Elwood and Jake Blues, form the band.

They sang all types of songs, from the 80s to the 90s, in-between songs they would cheer people up and encourage them to dance. Most people did end up dancing, but the majority of the audience was elderly so they stayed on their seats. From my point of view the venue was good, but they might have been better on a bigger stage. All the songs that they played were cheerful and would make you want to dance. I would defiantly see them again when they have another gig in Bath. I depends what you like, but if you fancy a night out with a live cheerful band, Blues Brothers is a perfect option.


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