Earthfall - Bath Spa Live

I was working at the University Theatre that night, and there were rumours that a lot of people wanted to come and watch the show. They were true, it was a full house at the theatre in their opening night. People started to get into a cue when the performance was due to start. It was meant to start at 8pm but it was 7:45pm and the doors weren’t open yet, people were starting to wonder what was happening. Finally the doors opened, and people started to make their way in.

The stage had TVs, a keyboard and a drum kit already in place. Lights went out and the performance started. The first thing we saw was an interview with the band on the TVs, and they were asking the band members about their most recent tour. It followed with people dancing; I was amazed by how fast they moved sometimes. The music was great and helped narrate what was happening with the different members of the band while they were dancing. There was always someone dancing and others singing.

Everything was great about the performance, the dancing, the singing, the lighting, the way the used the TV. It was hard to follow the story at times, but it was still great. The venue was very good as well; as it might have been difficult to understand what was happening of your seat was at the end of the theatre. I overheard some people saying that the performance was excellent and that they truly enjoyed themselves. I wasn’t sure about it , even tough I thought it was very good, maybe it would have been better for me with some dialogue included. Altogether though, a great performance.

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