This was one of the great nights at the Bath Fringe. There were loads of people coming through the doors getting ready to listen to this band. Everyone was getting a drink and standing close to the scenario so they could be as close as possible.

When they were announced people were shouting in expectation, most of them quite young, some teenagers and most of them were people in there 20s. Again the place was packed, but I really liked it when it gets like that as I was guaranteed to have fun even when working.

People started to ask the band for songs and kept dancing with every song they played. Some of the audience ended up in part of the stage, almost partying with the band members, but the vocalist urged them to go down again.

It was a great atmosphere and a great night, the only thing I was thinking about was to jump with the crows and enjoy myself even more. The venue was great for this type of concert but I must admit that maybe the lighting could have been better.


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