Jersey Boys


Jersey boys is the story of an American group called The Four Seasons. The story is of how the become internationally famous before they were 30.

The concierge of the hotel I was staying in recommended this play. I decided to go and see if it was worth watching, and I was truly pleased that I went. Here is why.

When I got to the theatre all the staff was very helpful. They showed me to my seat and I waited for the play to start. The audience was mainly elderly people and a few in there 40s. I think I might have been the youngest member of the audience. Everyone looked really exited about being there and looking forward for the start of the play.

It finally started; the acting was great and specially the singing. The main character Franki Valli played by Ryan Molloy was excellent. For me he was the best singer of all. The play combined songs with dialogue but there was more dialogue. There was some narration from the characters, explaining what had happened and then there was the dialogue between them.

The space for the play, from my point of view, was very good. They didn’t change the background but they had many props. The best of it all was listening to people singing along to the songs they sang. Some of the people in front of me kept moving their heads side to side with the rhythm of the music.

On the final song, part of the audience stood up and started to sing and dance, which created a great ambience. In general it was a great play and people really enjoyed themselves, me included. The acting was great and the singing even better.

If you are in London and feel like going to the theatre you really have to consider Jersey Boys as it is great fun and a brilliant play.


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