Oliver has been a classic British musical for many years and one of the most beloved ones. However, I was not impressed with it.

The arrival at the theatre was as usual, people are friendly and they show you to your seat. Although the musical was recommended to me, I wasn’t feeling that exited.

Being one of the most popular musicals in the UK, the theatre was full and the people were ranging from kids to grandparents that probably decided to take their grandchildren to see the show.

For me this wasn’t a great play. The background rarely changed and felt really static. Also sometimes it felt like they were just trying to fill in time to make it the usual 2hrs or so. There was a 20 to 30 minutes monologue, which was quite boring, and I thought they could have done something else, something more entertaining. During this time the actor tried to involve the audience in certain way, which I thought it wasn’t successful, as it didn’t really match the story.

Although the acting was good and the songs were catchy it seemed to me that the 2hrs it lasted was more like 5hrs. It could have been a bit more active. Although I felt this was, people really seemed to be enjoying themselves, but if it were for me I would have seen another play.


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